Private Residence in South Paris, Maine Pictures

This picture was taken by Paul Murdoch while Hillary Murdoch was recording a high EMF reading in the living room.

This picture was taken seconds after the one on the left.

Paul took this picture of a small moving orb on the couch next to Hillary.

This picture was taken a few minutes after the one on the left, while Hillary was interviewing the owner.

Paul took this picture after getting a strong feeling in that someone was standing in the kitchen doorway. Moments later, both he and Candi got cold chills.

This picture was taken before entering the stairway to the second floor.  Upon closer inspection, this orb was found to be moving slightly.

Paul took this picture after noticing from previous pictures that an orb seemed to be following the owner's son (on right) around the upstairs.

This picture was taken immediately after the one on the left. Notice the small orb on the door under the doorknob?

This picture of a bright, moving orb was taken by Paul when Candi noticed a temperature drop and got EMF fluctuations in this area.

This picture was taken by Hillary when Paul stated that he felt a cold chill.  He was standing at the top of the steps to the second floor at the time.

This picture was taken by Hillary at random.  The small orb in the center is moving.

This picture of three orbs, one moving and one orange-ish was taken while standing outside talking to the owner right before we left.  It was a still, but cold night.