Bird Cage Theater Investigation Pictures


This picture was taken when we first arrived at the theater. The storm seen in the distance never seemed to reach Tombstone.

This picture of a moving orb was taken by Hillary Murdoch in the front room during our tour.

This picture of an orb moving past one of the cribs was also taken during the tour.

This picture, taken by Paul Murdoch, shows a blue orb near the ceiling of the theater.

This orb, moving near one of the original lamps in the building, has a tail!

This large, pink orb on the steps to the stage also shows movement. Could this be the phantom stagehand?

This picture may show some ecto in one of the bedrooms in the basement.

This picture, taken just seconds later, from the same spot, is clear.

Another moving orb near the ceiling of the theater.

This picture was taken by Paul right before we began packing up our equipment to leave for the night.  The orb on the window shows movement.