Castle Inn Investigation EVPs

November 6-8, 2002


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I do too "I do too".   This sounds like a little girl's voice and was recorded in the parlor on the evening of November 7th.  The voice was captured on digital audio as well as a camcorder that was recording nearby.   Just before the voice was captured, Shonda's camera stopped working.   Robert was in an adjacent bedroom and his camera stopped working as well.   The voice sounded closer to the camcorder and was louder than the recording on digital audio.
Give Me Power A deeper, booming voice saying "Give me power".  This EVP was recorded on November 7th around 1 am in Room 11.
Help me A very faint, breathy "Help me" recorded on November 7th around 2 am  in Room 11.
No An odd popping sound (like a ping pong ball being hit) is heard, followed by a short breathy "no"; recorded on November 8th in Room 11 around 12:15 am.
Whispers These unknown whispers were recorded around 11:30 pm on November 7th.
Crying This was recorded in November 7th around 3 am in Room 11 and sounds like someone crying, or trying to hold back the tears.