Castle Inn Investigation Pictures

This picture of a large orb was taken by Shonda Addington in the Marie Laveau room seconds before Hillary felt something touch her shoulder.

Small moving orb in room #11.

Another moving orb in room #11, with what looks like a small amount of ecto just to the left of the white trim.

We photographed several orbs moving over the top of the bed in room #11.

This picture of a moving orb behind the head of the bed was taken by Hillary Murdoch.

Shonda took this picture of a moving orb about a second after the one on the left was taken. We also obtained a possible EVP at this time.

This shot of a bright, moving orb was taken by Shonda.


Another orb moving above the bed. This is the room in which Shonda heard footsteps moving toward her while trying to nap.

A faint moving orb in room #10.


This nice picture of two orbs, one moving, was taken by Shonda just moments before she felt someone touching her hair.

This picture was taken by Shonda in room #10.


This picture, tracking what may be the same moving orb, was taken immediately after the one to the left. Moments later, Shonda's camera started taking pictures by itself.

Do you see the bright moving orb above the desk? There is also a small red orb on the door. This picture was taken in the second floor hallway.

This picture, of the entranceway to the kitchen, was taken by Hillary immediately after the group heard a loud crashing in the kitchen. It was around 3:30 a.m.

This picture was taken in the living room on the second night by Paul Murdoch.

A small orb moving along the floor of the living room.

We usually cover all mirrors, but this mirror in the living room was too high to get to. Do you see the orb's reflection below it and to the right?

This picture of an orb moving through the living room was taken on the second night by Shonda.

Shonda also took this picture of a big, bright, moving orb in the living room.

Shonda took this picture immediately after the one on the left.

A bluish moving orb on the buffet.

Shonda took this picture in an unused bedroom off the living room, after Robert stated he felt "unwelcome" in the adjoining bathroom.

It looks like someone was checking out the video camera in the sunroom while we were in the living room!

This red orb looks like it might be heading up the steps from the foyer. Picture taken by Shonda.

Paul took this picture of a moving orb in the foyer after we left the living room.

Shonda captured this moving orb by the balcony at the front of the building.

This picture of an orb moving down the front steps of the building was taken by Hillary around 4 a.m..

A close-up of the picture on the left.