Dolgos House Investigation EVPs
September 4, 2004


Link to sound file


Get Out "Get out"  This was recorded a little after 9 pm as we were setting up for the upstairs investigation.   The recorder was in the downstairs bathroom. 
Leave "Leave".   This was recorded just after we stopped our downstairs investigation, around 9 pm.  The recorder was in the downstairs bathroom.  
Barking? This EVP was captured in the upstairs loft, about 3 minutes into our second session.  Robert and Paul heard a noise between them (Paul was in the middle of the room,  Robert was at the far end and Hillary was to the far right as you enter the room).  All three heard the noise and it was captured on digital audio.  It sounded more like a growl when we heard it with our ears, but the recording seems to be more of a bark or a knock.