Dolgos House Investigation
September 4, 2004

Location: Scotland, MD

Date: Saturday, September 4, 2004

Moon Phase: Unknown

Solar Weather: Unknown.

Investigators present: Robert H., Shonda A., Hillary M., Paul M. with junior guest investigators Cassie A. and Erica A.

Equipment: Olympus C-3000 and C-4000 digital cameras,  Olympus D370 digital camera, Sony digital video camera with Nightshot,  Kodak DC280 digital camera, Extech EMF meter, Olympus 2000 Digital Voice Recorder, Extech IR thermometer, Trifield EMF meter.


We arrived at the Dolgos house at 8 pm and interviewed the occupants, Christy and Patrick, who report strange feelings of something being in the living room with them; for the first time, they both verbalized that these impressions come from the southeast corner of the living room, which they have to pass by in order to reach the bathroom.   The presence is not usually felt when they are sitting in the room, but when they get up in the night to use the bathroom.  During the late night trips, they sometimes see a flash of light in the southeast corner of the living room but when they turn their head to look, nothing is there.   They report that the flash of light is something they see out of their peripheral vision and that the motion catches their attention.   There are outside lights, but the lights do not shine or reflect into the area of the sighting.  Late one night, Patrick saw the light in the corner and addressed it; he tried to put the spirit at ease to let it know that "things are cool".

The couple owns a set of rubber ducks (a momma duck and 4 baby ducks).   They keep the set of ducks in the bathroom, and have found on multiple occasions, the ducks have re-arranged themselves in odd formations, with no explanation as to how or why.   At first each thought the other was rearranging the ducks as a joke.    Sometimes the ducks would be lined up with the baby ducks following the mother duck, in a V formation or with the baby ducks facing away from the mother duck.   However, one time in particular, the ducks were stacked on top of each other, with the mother duck on the bottom of the pile.   The activity started about 2 years ago and continued for a number of months, but has not reoccurred recently.  

Neither has heard any voices.   A pet sitter reported hearing talking in the upstairs rooms during an overnight visit.    Previous tenants have reported hearing voices in the house, and children's laughter on the porch.   (Note: people fish near the house, so hearing strange voices around the house is so commonplace that Christy and Patrick say they completely ignore most voices).

Several strange occurrences have happened with a departed pets cremated remains, located in an urn on the TV stand.   The tail of a living dog happened to hit the urn one night, and she jumped up like something had bitten her.   Another time, the cat's tail hit the urn, and the cat lurched away from the urn and landed on the dog, claws fully extended.


Our investigation began at approximately 8:45 in the first floor living room with an EVP session.    Next, we split into two groups, Hillary, Paul and Robert moved to the upstairs loft and Shonda, Cassie, Erica, Patrick and Christy remained in the first floor living room.    During the second session upstairs, there was a noise between Robert and Paul that sounded like some sort of growling; Robert and Paul each thought the sound was coming from the other, but both confirmed that neither had made the noise.    The sound was captured and can be found on the EVP page.    The investigation concluded at 10 pm.   Nothing unusual was captured on video.   Several moving orbs were captured with our digital cameras.



The activity was limited on the night we investigated, although we did obtain a few moving orbs and an unexplained noise that was heard by Paul, Robert and Hillary, and captured on digital audio.   Shonda's camera had difficulty during the downstairs investigation; she took the battery out 3 times but the camera continued to act up.   Of interest is that Shonda was standing in the SE corner where the presence has been spotted.   Two additional  EVPs were captured in the downstairs bathroom, where the ducks have mysteriously rearranged themselves in the past.

Based on the evidence obtained, we would have to conclude that the house shows some signs of paranormal activity, but due to the limited data our results are inconclusive.



We wish to thank Christy and Patrick for the opportunity to investigate their home.

Submitted by Robert Hall