Duffy's Cut Investigation Pictures


This is the sign hanging over the burial marker next to the Amtrak rails in Malvern, PA. Please note that this is private property, and that the Duffy's Cut team obtained special permission to be there.

This is the Duffy's Cut team. From left to right, that's John, Bill, Bob, Earl, and Paul.


This picture was taken by Paul while Earl was recording a high reading on the EMF detector. See the report for further details.

Paul took this picture of an orange daytime orb.

Paul also took these pictures of what looks like the same orange orb, hovering around Hillary.

These three pictures were taken consecutively.

Hillary took this picture of what looks like a semi-transparent man walking down the tracks. Further analysis has led the PRSNA team to believe that this is an optical illusion.

Here's the same picture, with the figure outlined.

Hillary took this daytime photo of a bright moving orb over John's head.

Hillary also took this picture of a bright moving orb at the beginning of our first EVP recording session.

Hillary took the next three photos consecutively. They show an orb hovering over Earl's head.

Here's it looks like the orb is moving down closer to Bill.

Now it's back up next to Earl.



Paul took this photo, from a different vantage point, immediately after Hillary announced that she got an orb next to Bill in three consecutive pictures. Earl tried to get an EMF reading, but did not.

Paul took this picture of a moving red orb.

Hillary took this picture of a moving yellowish orb behind her in the woods, when she got a strong feeling that someone was standing right behind her.

Paul also got pictures of the yellowish orb. This picture, and the following three pictures, were all taken by Paul within about five minutes.

All four pictures show a yellowish orb hovering near Bill and Bob.