Baltimore Private Residence Investigation Pictures

This picture showing two moving orbs was taken in the basement stairway by Hillary Murdoch.

This faint moving orb appeared on the laundry room door.

A large moving orb near the ceiling on the first landing.

This picture was taken of the same landing, less than a minute after the one on the left.

Another moving orb on the landing just above the basement.

A bright moving orb on the first floor railing.

A faint, but impressive moving orb above Dan's head on the second floor landing.

An orb moving toward Greg's apartment door on the second floor.

Was this moving orb following me up to the third floor?

This bright moving orb picture was taken by Dan Bell outside Greg's apartment about a week after the investigation.


This nice picture of two moving orbs was taken by Dan on Robert's digital camera.

This small orb within the shadow of the landing above shows some movement.

This picture of a small moving orb was taken by Robert Hall near the basement laundry room.

This moving orb seems to be following us up the steps.