Miscellaneous EVPs


This page contains miscellaneous EVP clips from investigations that lack a formal investigation report.   For an explanation of what EVP is, click here:   What is EVP?    For additional EVPs, see the Investigations section, under the EVP link for each individual investigation.


Location:    Triangular Field
                    Gettysburg, PA
Date:           March 2002

Investigator:  Robert Hall

I'm Sorry, I'm sorry

"Iím Sorry, Iím sorry". This EVP was recorded on March 16, 2002 as I was walking around Triangular field at night with another investigator. We were having an intense debate about why the field was called triangular, since from my perspective it didnít appear to be very triangular. In the middle of this debate, the double Iím sorrys were recorded. There were no other people nearby and the park was fairly empty because it was a cold and windy that night. The voices appear to be young male voices and almost sound like they are passing each other, apologizing for some unknown transgression. This recording was made with an analog recorder and did not require amplification.


Location:        Devil's Den
                        Gettysburg, PA

Date:               Fall 2001

Investigator:    Hillary Murdoch


This EVP, which sounds like men howling in pain was obtained at the top of Devil's Den, at the cannons.  I had just asked "Are you in pain?", and this was the response I got.  There was a group of eight of us, and we were the only ones in the area.  I played the recording back immediately, so we knew we had gotten something, but all present swore that they heard nothing during the questioning. LVGHS officer Randy Givler's Panasonic recorder was only inches from mine, and he did not pick up any voices or other sounds. 


Location:        Point Lookout Lighthouse
                        Scotland, MD
Date:               October 23, 2001

Investigator:    Robert Hall


"Abandon". This EVP was recorded at Point Lookout Lighthouse on October 23, 2001 at approximately 7 pm. I was in the lighthouse with a park employee and we were setting up for Ghost Walk, putting up lights to make the lighthouse look spooky. We were going up to the cupola, but we thought better of it because it was dark with and it sounded like a raccoon was in the attic near the cupola. We decided to defer the installation of the light in the cupola until daylight hours and walked away to perform other tasks. Shortly after we walked away, a voice is recorded and sounds like abandon to me. The recorder was upstairs and you can hear our voices in the background. The are multiple interesting things about this EVP and the night that it was recorded. First, there are a lot of whooshing/sighing/ahh sounds before the abandon was first recorded.   Abandon is said two additional times in the full 22 minute recording, although subsequent abandons are very faint.  Prior to the abandon recording, I was left alone in the lighthouse while the park employee returned to the shop to get some adapters for the electrical outlets. I was in the dining room unpacking when I heard what sounded like a party going on in the next room, the living room ironically enough. At first I rationalized that it had to be someone outside since I did notice a few people fishing on the shore off of the lighthouse. But the sound was too loud and sounded like at least a dozen men talking very loudly and all at once, like it was a gathering, a party or a bar. I could not make out any of the conversations. I scrambled to put a tape in the tape recorder Ėwhile trying to decipher what was being said- but within 20 seconds the sounds were abruptly gone and the lighthouse fell silent once again before I could begin recording. I could not make out what the voices were saying, but it seemed like a social event of some kind and not in the least bit threatening. The south side living room was dark and I did not see or feel anything unusual before or after the unusual "party".


Location:        Buxton Inn
                        Granville, Ohio

Date:               December 8, 2001

Investigator:    Hillary Murdoch


This EVP was obtained in room #7 of the Buxton Inn.  Shonda and I were the only investigators present.  It was about 3:00 in the morning, and we had just heard someone walking on the balcony outside the door.  We immediately stopped the recorder, and went outside to see who might be creeping around at that hour, but found no trace of anyone.  When we played back the recording, we found that we had recorded a strange, female voice, but are still unable to determine what is being said.  This was the only EVP obtained that night, however, we were able to track an orb moving around the room using two different cameras, from two different vantage points.

At least one website viewer believes this EVP to say "You can't see me there either."


Location:        Private Residence
                       Wilkes-Barre, PA

Date:               July 2002

Investigator:    Hillary Murdoch


This EVP was obtained during one of our many visits to this private residence in Wilkes-Barre.  We were in the first sitting room, with the doors closed.  In the past, we recorded a woman sobbing quietly in this room.  This time I asked if whoever was with us could tell us their name.  The response we got was a very soft "Ed" in a man's voice.  The recording has become somewhat distorted while trying to amplify the response.