Myrtles Plantation Investigation Pictures


This picture was taken by Hillary Murdoch on 35mm film in the late afternoon. All other pictures on the roll were normal, and this picture was far from the end of the roll. You can see that the day was overcast.

This picture, also on 35mm film, was taken about 10 minutes after the one to the left, and shoes an orb on the side porch.

This picture shows a small moving orb on the front porch of the plantation.

This picture, taken by Robert Hall, shows a small moving orb in the corner of the General Bradford Suite. This picture was taken around the same time that we obtained the EVP.

This picture, or an orb moving across the ladies' sitting room, was taken during the daytime tour. This tour, which lasted about 15 minutes, was the only time that we got to spend in the downstairs rooms.