Nellie Cashman Restaurant Investigation Pictures


This is Nellie Cashman, after whom the restaurant was named. More information on this historical figure can be found in the investigation report.

This picture was taken during dinner the night before the investigation. Notice the anomaly in the hallway?

This picture was taken just moments after the picture above. These pictures are what lead us to inquire about investigating the restaurant.

Once we got home and analyzed the pictures, we found that these anomalies were not paranormal at all, but caused by the reflection of the flash off glass on a piece of furniture. See how easily things can be misrepresented as paranormal with a little cropping?

This picture of a true anomaly was taken by Hillary Murdoch.

This picture, of an orb moving around the same ceiling light, was taken just seconds after the picture on the left.

This picture of a moving orb was taken by Paul Murdoch.

This picture was also taken by Paul. Notice the bright orb in front of the curtain? When this picture was lightened (as shown), we noticed the face above it.

We've attempted to show a close-up of the face. It looks to us like a middle-aged woman, possibly even a nun. Every picture of this area was lightened, and this one was the only one with any kind of anomaly on the curtain. Could it be a partial apparition?