Loretta Lynn's Childhood Home

This is the home where Loretta Lynn grew up in Eastern Kentucky.

Although the house is not said to be haunted, we did get a picture of a daytime orb, just left of the walkway near the bottom of the steps.

This is Herman Webb, Loretta's brother. He was nice enough to show us around the cabin and tell us some of his personal ghost stories.

Herman told us that some of the coal mines that his father worked in could be found along the road. Eventually, we found this one less than a half mile from the house. That hole is only about four feet tall! Imagine working in that!

This is the sign on Webb's Grocery store, just down the road from the coal mine entrance.

Herman told us that this building (Webb's Grocery) is definitely haunted, and that he saw an apparition of a man on the second floor!