Miscellaneous Pictures From Ohio


This picture was taken by Shonda Addington in the Gahanna cemetery in Gahanna, OH. The pinkish orb on the left may be moving.

This picture was taken by Hillary Murdoch in Gahanna cemetery in November, 2002.

This picture of a red orb and an unidentified streamer-like anomaly was also taken in Gahanna cemetery in November 2002.  Other pictures taken from the same vantage point showed no anomaly.

This picture of an orb moving in front of a tombstone was taken in a rural cemetery East of Columbus.

This picture of a bright, moving orb was taken in the same rural cemetery in November, 2002.

This red moving orb seemed to follow us around this cemetery.

This picture of a pinkish orb was taken seconds before the picture to the right.

Is this the same orb moving down the row of headstones?

Another moving orb over this popular headstone.  Could this be the spirit of the individual buried here?

Another picture of the moving red orb.

This moving orb resembles a bug, but since the picture was taken on a very cold night in November, I doubt it.