Miscellaneous Pictures From Gettysburg


This picture was taken on 35mm in May of 2001 at Spangler's Spring. I had asked whoever was there to please pose by the stump.

This violet orb was taken on the same trip to the Spring. The two women in the picture got an EVP at the time this picture was taken.

Ecto at a monument in the woods at the Spring, taken on 35mm.

This ecto shot was taken by Hillary Murdoch at Sach's bridge in June of 2001. The next picture, taken seconds later, was clear.

This moving orb shot was taken inside Sach's Bridge in March 2002 during an LVGHS investigation.

This moving orb shot was taken by Hillary Murdoch during the same investigation.

This strange anomaly looks like a rod flying inside Sach's Bridge. This picture was actually taken during the day.

This is a picture of a bright moving orb, which seemed to be following us down the road at Spangler's Spring.

A daytime shot of Sach's Bridge. Due to vandalism, this area now closes at sundown.

This glowing bluish orb picture was taken By Shonda Addington in March 2002.

This picture and the picture to the right look very similar...but they were taken at different ends of Sach's Bridge!

Both pictures were taken by Shonda in March 2002.


This picture, showing an orb which seems to be moving upward, was taken by Hillary Murdoch at Sach's Bridge in March 2002.

Red orb at Barlow's Knoll.


This picture, taken by Shonda at Barlow's Knoll, shows two moving orbs!

This picture was taken at Devil's Den by Paul Murdoch in March 2002. Usually we discount ecto shots in winter, but Paul held his breath for several seconds before taking the picture.

Moving orb at Devil's Den.


Another moving orb beside the monument at the top of Devil's Den.

This blue orb picture was taken at Spangler's Spring in March 2002, and appears to be moving.

An orb among the leaves at Spangler's Spring.

This picture of a bluish moving orb was taken at Spangler's Spring, also in March 2002.

This picture, showing a red orb following Hillary was taken by Paul Murdoch at Spangler's Spring. We always have exceptional luck at this particular spot.

Moving daytime orb inside Sach's Bridge.



I don't know if anyone else will see this, but I see a short apparition behind this man. There was no one there at the time the picture was taken. Picture taken at Sach's Bridge in September, 2002.

Small red orb in the Wheatfield.

Daytime orbs at Sach's Bridge.

This extremely bright orb was taken at a monument in the woods near Spangler's Spring. When the picture is enhanced, you can see dense leaves behind it.

Another bright orb at the monument in the woods near Spangler's Spring. We usually have very strange experiences here.

We've determined that this is merely two moths doing a mating dance...but it's a freaky effect, isn't it?

A nice blue orb at the monument in the woods.

I'm not sure what this is, but I know it's not a tail light. This was taken at the monument in the woods, and the area behind this anomaly is very densely wooded.

A bright, moving orb captured at our "lucky spot" at Spangler's Spring in September 2002.