Miscellaneous PA Cemetery Pictures


This bright orb picture was taken during a joint investigation with the Berks County Paranormal Association (BCPA) at New Bethel Cemetery in October, 2002.

This picture of a green orb was also taken the night of the joint investigation with the BCPA.


This bright moving orb picture was taken by Paul Murdoch in New Bethel cemetery. Matthias Schambacher, the locally famous 19th century serial killer is buried just to the left of this picture.

Moving orb picture taken at New Bethel cemetery.

This pink moving orb picture was also taken by Paul Murdoch at the New Bethel cemetery outside Lenhartsville, PA.

This ecto shot was taken by Shonda in New Bethel cemetery. It was taken on a clear June night. This ecto appears to be at a distance from the camera, and is shaped like a woman holding a baby.

This picture of a moving blue orb was taken by Hillary Murdoch in a cemetery in New Tripoli, PA. That's Joe and Mindy Fischer in the picture.

A dense, rainbow-colored moving orb at New Tripoli cemetery.

This bright orb shows slight movement. The picture was taken by Hillary Murdoch in Bethel cemetery outside of Phoenixville, PA.

This rose colored orb was captured by Shonda Addington in New Bethel cemetery.