Point Lookout Lighthouse Investigation

Location: Scotland, Maryland

Date: April 30, 2005

Moon Phase: Waning crescent, just past last quarter

Solar Weather: Solar Flares: Active Geomagnetic: Storm

Weather: Barometric pressure: 29.75, Temperature 64 degrees, Relative humidity 83%, Dew Point 59, Winds South 11 mph.

Investigators present: Hillary M., Robert H., Paul M.

Equipment: Olympus C-3000 digital camera, Extech EMF meter, Olympus 2000 Digital Voice Recorder, Olympus DS-1 Digital Voice Recorder, Extech IR thermometer, Olympus C-4000 Digital Camera, Trifield EMF meter, 2 Sony digital Video cameras with night vision and IR extenders, Olympus D-370 digital camera.

History: The PRSNA has investigated this lighthouse several times. Investigator Robert Hall was recently granted permission by the U.S. Navy to conduct an EVP study within the lighthouse for several months in 2005. This investigation was part of his study. The PRSNA is proud to say that his was the first nighttime investigation inside this lighthouse in 25 years. Complete history of Point Lookout Lighthouse can be found at:


Investigation: Robert and I arrived at the park just before 6:00, and arranged to have the park ranger let us into the lighthouse. First, we walked through the house taking note of any differences since the last time we were there. We decided to make the south side bedroom a sort of "base camp" where we could keep our gear and take our dinner break.
  At 6:25 p.m., we headed down to the north said basement. Robert wanted to start there because of the strange light that he witnessed there the last time he was in the lighthouse with Laura Berg (the last resident of the lighthouse). You can read about his experience here. We spread out in the basement, and conducted an EVP session for 20 minutes, but obtained few results, so we moved up to the north side living room. Just past 7:00, we took a break in the south side bedroom, hoping that some informal conversation would stir something up.
  At 8:25 p.m., we went to the south side den to conduct an EVP session. We recorded an EMF spike of 2.3, up from the background reading of .5, in the closet below the cupola steps. Almost 16 minutes into the session, I got a picture of an orb moving in the doorway. Robert immediately took a picture and also got a moving orb, right above the doorway! Then, he moved out into the hallway to see if he could track the orb moving toward the back of the house. I took a picture and got a moving orb in the doorway, over his head.
  At 9:00, we set up both infrared video cameras in the south side hallway upstairs, then moved into the north side living room. We obtained no results here, so we spent some time in the north side kitchen, but again got no results. At 9:35, we moved our video cameras to the north side hallway, and went to take a dinner break. This is when Paul arrived.
  Next, at 10:25, the three of us went back down to the north side basement and spread out in the furnace room. We obtained one EVP here during this time, a male voice answering "Yeah" to Robert's question of "Are there any other Yankees here?" We also obtained several pictures of moving orbs.
  We followed up with EVP sessions in the north side living room (10:40 p.m.), the north side den (10:54), the north side bedrooms (11:01), the south side kitchen (11:39) and living room (11:51), and finally, the south side den (12:10 a.m.). In the north side den, Paul and I both tracked an orb moving through the room and out past Robert, who was in the doorway. While we were in the south side living room, we did here several noises upstairs, but we could not be sure that it wasn't just the wind. We also recorded a faint EVP of a woman's voice saying "You're lucky". Unfortunately, we did not believe that the quality of this recording was good enough to post to the website. At 12:30 p.m., we packed up our equipment and left the lighthouse.

Conclusions: The PRSNA has investigated this lighthouse several times, and we're always amazed at how light and airy the building feels. Many southern Maryland residents are too terrified to enter this lighthouse due to the stories they've heard, but this lighthouse seldom seems to have the heavy atmosphere usually associated with haunted sites. Even at night, the atmosphere within the lighthouse does not live up to its reputation. Once again, the PRSNA investigators left the lighthouse believing that we obtained very little in the way of positive results, and once again, we were proven wrong when we actually reviewed our results. To our surprise, we found that we obtained many moving orb pictures, some in succession. We also obtained a good number of EVPs. We did obtain some positive video as well, but did not post it because we could not be certain that it wasn't just dust. We look forward to our next investigation of the Point Lookout lighthouse this fall.

Submitted by Hillary Murdoch.