Point Lookout Lighthouse Investigation EVPS

December 03, 2005


Link to sound file


Bump the head The team exits the lighthouse at 6:59 pm,  and Robert slams the north side kitchen door.  One minute and 11 seconds later there are some banging noises  and then a voice appears to say "On the Bed" or perhaps "Bump the head".  The voice does not sound like any of the investigators present.  We returned to the lighthouse 35 minutes later, and during our absence a number of faint noises were recorded.
Home This EVP was recorded at 5:20 p.m. in the north side living room while the team was on the second floor of the south side of the lighthouse.  It sounds like a female voice saying "Home." 
Dumpy Just before 7 pm, the team was preparing to leave the lighthouse for a break, and Robert placed his recorder on top of a "penny machine" in the north side dining room.  Robert was the last one out of the lighthouse and just as he is exiting the north side kitchen, (the door slams less than a second after the EVP is captured) a voice appears to say "Dumpy".  The voice sounds close to the recorder and resembles investigator Hillary Murdoch, who had already exited the lighthouse.
Angry voice This EVP was recorded at 4 PM in the north side living room, and we are not sure what it is saying, but it sounds like an angry voice.
Whisper This EVP was obtained in the north side living room at 5:37 p.m. and we are unsure what it is saying.