Point Lookout Lighthouse Investigation - 9/28/02


Location: On the southern tip of Maryland, on the western shore of the Chesapeake Bay. The lighthouse is located on a peninsula just south of Point Lookout State Park.

Date: Saturday, September 28, 2002

Moon Phase: ?

Solar Weather: ?

Investigators present: Hillary M. and Robert H.

Equipment: RCA digital voice recorder, Olympus C-3000 digital camera,  Pentax PC-550 35mm camera, Olympus Digital 2000 voice recorder, Olympus 35mm camera.


We arrived at the lighthouse at approximately 2 p.m. and the area around the lighthouse had a few park patrons, but in general the conditions were calm and quiet.   It was a  beautiful day weather wise, and inside the lighthouse felt very light and welcoming.   We began by taking pictures of the outside of the  lighthouse.    

We conducted an EVP session in the south side bedroom.   In an effort to elicit a response from the lighthouse, we began whistling and singing songs from the Civil War era.   At one point we whistled a few lines of a song and heard a faint whistle response coming from the opposite side of the lighthouse.   Further attempts to get the spirits to echo our whistling went unanswered. 

While we were on the second floor, we heard what sounded like someone entering the lighthouse, so we proceeded downstairs, fully expecting to find someone.   We searched the first floor and no one could be found.   The noises had abruptly stopped when we came down the stairs.   We have had similar experiences on prior investigations with noises on the first floor while the investigation team was on the second floor.

Since we felt that the lighthouse was not particularly active, we took a break and sat outside on the porch for while.   We continued to record in the lighthouse, but our primary goal was to wait until dusk to continue the investigation in earnest.

Later in the afternoon, we held a recording session in the south side living room on the first floor.  We began to hear banging and thumping noises in the lighthouse and suspected that a wild animal had entered the lighthouse. The noise emanated from the basement and progressed to the south side dining room.   We yelled and banged on the floors and walls in the hopes of making the animal leave.  However, the animal was fearless and was actually inside the walls, scratching, clawing and climbing.  As dusk approached, we vacated the lighthouse due to the clear and present danger that the unknown wild animal presented.


Although the lighthouse felt light and airy with little activity, Hillary captured more orbs than in any prior investigation.   The noises we heard  on the first floor earlier in the day could have been the wild animal, but since the noises stopped when we returned to the first floor, we believe this to be unlikely because the animal was not in the least intimidated by our presence, yelling and banging on the walls.    Because of the wild animal, the after dark portion of the  investigation had to be cancelled to ensure the safety of the investigators. 

Report Submitted by Robert Hall.