John's Profile


Name: John J. McGreal

Age: 40

Birthplace: Havertown, PA

Home: Douglassville, PA

Occupation: 17 years in finance now semi retired 

How I Became Interested in Ghost Hunting: Ever since I was little I have always had an interest in ghosts. Growing up in the 70’s we lived in a large house. I would try to stay up all night, then in the middle of the night I would sneak out of my room and explore the whole house for ghosts (I know they were there because I always heard them making noises when I tried to go to bed). As I got older at 9 or 10 I got a little bolder, I would sneak into the basement with the lights off and find a spot in a corner so nothing could sneak up behind me and I would just sit there for hours, waiting. Then the next night I would do the same in the attic. Then when my parents would allow for friends to stay over or if I got invited to stay at their house I would tell them about my little missions. Some said no right away, some would back out as we reached our destinations and others were like this is cool and that was fun! 

My interests in the Paranormal always stayed with me. When old enough we would drive to different cemeteries, old parks and old abandoned buildings. By this time we were bringing our cameras and tape recorders hoping to capture things we saw and heard.

As we got older and finished school we started to meet people who thought their house or a friends house was haunted and would ask if we would check it out. Before you knew it we getting one or two requests a month (but half of them never happened). It was fun then, people would have you over, cook you dinner, then sit around and talk a bit, then lights out and the investigation began.

I was also starting to meet other “ghost hunters” and some ended up joining us. In 1989 I founded “The Paranormal Alliance” (TPA). At that time we were also starting to get requests to investigate Restaurants, B&B’s, old schools and churches. Over the years we learned the best ways to conduct investigations and as technology grew we were always trying to keep up with the newest tools and equipment to use. We basically would go anywhere we were invited but most of our investigations took place in and along the Main Line (Philadelphia suburbs).

By the early 2000’s some of us got married, new careers and/or moved out of the area (including me), and we basically needed a break from one another. From then till 2004 we might have gotten together maybe two/three times a year.

In 2004 I decided to try and get TPA up and running again with some new blood or find an already established group that still had the same desire that I have, in finding the truth of what’s out there. That’s when I met Hillary, Paul and Robert and I knew these were the right people to be with. I will continue to maintain the TPA name and website but only as a vehicle for the PRSNA. I feel very lucky to have found this opportunity to work with this great team and hope to do so for a long time!

Other Interests:
I also enjoy golfing, cooking, carpentry, playing with my 1930 Ford Model A Hot Rod, and most importantly hanging with the kids (Erin and Kelly) and dogs!! I'm also a member of the Berks County Historical Society and a Board Member of the Berks County Association for Graveyard Preservation.


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