Paul's Profile


Name: Paul R. Murdoch, Jr.

Age: 32

Birthplace: Norristown, PA

Education: I graduated from St. Pius X High School in 1988. I attended the Susquehanna University, and Montgomery County Community College, earning an Associate's Degree.

Occupation: I currently work for a large investment company in Valley Forge, PA.

Home: Gilbertsville, Montgomery County, PA

Marital status: Married

How I became interested in ghost hunting: I've been interested in the paranormal since my youth. Initially, my main interest was in creatures of the night of literary lore - vampires, werewolves, etc., and I read every available piece of literature on such. Particularly enjoyed Anne Rice's vampire chronicles of the antics of the vampire Lestat. I also watched about everything I could find on TV regarding the paranormal, specifically enjoying debunking the grossly over-dramatized made for TV fluff. I really became interested in doing paranormal investigations when my wife (Hillary) became active in it. She eventually talked me into attending another PGHA overnight at Fort Mifflin so I could learn exactly what investigating entailed. I was enthralled by the history of the fort, as well as the results that we got there. After that, I was hooked. I joined the LVGHS with Hillary, and although we are both still active with that club we are branching out on our own and are hoping to find others like us who take this interest seriously and have the time and assets to make solid commitment to it.

Personally, I consider myself the skeptic of the group, and often blame experiences on natural causes, even if I know it's a stretch. Most of my time in Gettysburg and other outside investigations have been spent blaming noises on squirrels, and orbs on bugs and pollen.

Although I love this hobby, my main interest is fossil hunting, and I spend many weekends down at the Chesapeake Bay and have found several skulls and associated remains of Miocene age marine mammals in the cliffs along the bay, which have been legally quarried and are now in the permanent collection of a local museum.

Joint investigations: I have also participated in formal and informal investigations with other groups including LVHGS, PIRA, PGHA, and The Gettysburg Spirit Watchers.

Other interests: Fossil hunting (of course), sports, travel and general outdoor activities.

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