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Age: 42

Birthplace: Washington, DC

Education: M.S. in Computer Science from Johns Hopkins University; BS in Computer Science from University of Maryland.

Occupation: Computer Consulting, Database Administrator

Home: Saint Leonard, MD

I met Hillary at the Point Lookout Lighthouse Open House in November 2001 and we formed and instant connection, and discovered that we hold similar, passionate ideas about the scientific investigation of paranormal phenomena. Through email, online chats and face to face meetings, Hillary and I exchanged our ideas and what we want to accomplish.  We have traveled the country, performing investigations and absorbing the history of this great country.  We hope to perform international investigations in the near future.    Hillary and I have a great time together, so don't be surprised if you see us cutting up- until it is investigation time, then we become dead serious, pardon the pun. Point Lookout is still my first love, but I want to expand my horizons to get some perspective on the paranormal. I have been to Gettysburg and on my first trip, I captured a double "I'm sorry" EVP while walking around Triangular Field. I have also been to Salem in the summertime, but it was way too touristy for me to do any serious research, so I just enjoyed the historical aspect of the town. One Halloween I toured the catacombs under Edgar Allen Poe's grave in Baltimore, but the "holiday" was a fun event not to be taken seriously.

I became interested in Point Lookout in 1996 after I saw a segment on Sightings, The Ghost Report video. I had been to Point Lookout by boat in my 20s but I wasn't aware of the haunted reputation until I saw the Sightings segment. I attended the annual Open House at Point Lookout in 1997 and Ghost Walk in 1998. I met Laura Berg at the Open House in 1999, and our mutual interest in the lighthouse - both from a historical and paranormal perspective - led us to develop a website dedicated to the lighthouse (see I volunteered at the Ghost Walk in 1999 and recorded in the lighthouse with my camcorder, while I gave talks to wagons of Halloween revelers just outside the gates of the lighthouse compound. I was so excited when I got home, that I sat wide eyed in front of the television, with the sound turned up high, hoping to see something paranormal. Well, it turns out that my talents are more in the EVP arena and I almost jumped out of my skin when I heard my first EVP, which sounds like "GET OUT! Or perish" to me. I must have replayed that sound a hundred times. As I continued to review the tape, I discovered other anomalies. I was hooked. My primary interest is unexplained audio phenomena, however, I am also branching out to spectral evidence of paranormal activity.

The picture above was taken in 2002 on the porch of a private residence we investigated in Wilkes-Barre, PA.

In addition to investigating the paranormal, I enjoy tinkering with technology, exploring lighthouses, fishing, crabbing and boating. I have worked on two other websites: (currently inactive) and The website contains information about the Point Lookout Lighthouse in Scotland, MD. My first experience with lighthouses came when I was a kid. I spent a lot of time on our family boat on the Patuxent River, and I can remember the first time I saw the Cedar Point Lighthouse. I always wondered why the Guide to Cruising the Chesapeake referred to Cedar Point Lighthouse as "Abandoned lighthouse in ruins". Upon my first visit, the reason was clear but I still wanted to explore the inside, however my parents wisely said no. Perhaps the Coast Guard sign that said "Keep out, this means you" factored into their decision, but I can't be sure. Sadly, Cedar Point was torn down before I could visit one last time.   I am currently forming a preservation group to rehabilitate the Point Lookout Lighthouse, where I will serve as president and webmaster.  The website is under development and can be found by clicking here:  

Point Lookout Lighthouse Preservation Society, Inc.


Top Paranormal Experiences:

1. Clairaudient experience at Mansfield Reformatory.   I was with a small group, roaming the halls of the prison when I heard a female voice say "Get out".   I'm very sensitive to this term because we often capture this phrase at Point Lookout Lighthouse.   I was on the only one who "heard" the voice,  however, I was recording and the voice was captured on my recorder!
2. Apparition at Point Lookout State Park, MD.    In July of 2006, after volunteering as a guide for a paranormal event, I drove away from the lighthouse and just before the causeway, I saw an apparition in the oncoming lane.  It was 2:40 am and I was thinking about the events of the night, when I noticed the man in the road, wearing a white shirt, which almost looked like a T-shirt, but the thing that caught my eye was that he was wearing suspenders.   He walked right by my drivers side door and I watched him in the mirror until he disappeared out of sight.   A park employee was driving in front of me so I stopped him and he had seen the apparition as well, only he had different details that I couldn't see!  All I could see was the blank look in the man's eyes as he stared straight ahead; the park employee saw a beard and the top of the man's head.  I quickly doubled back and searched the area south of the causeway, but could not find anyone- or even anyplace that a person might be walking to at that time of the night.  Over the years, there have been reports of soldiers being spotted on the road to the lighthouse.
3. Clairaudient experience at Point Lookout State Park.    I was at the parking loop for Fort Lincoln, and when I opened the truck door, I heard a weak and wavering male voice say "Help me".  I thought someone had twisted his ankle in the ditch, but a search of the are revealed that I was alone.   I waited for a few minutes to make sure that I was indeed alone, and not the subject of a practical joke.   I was leaving the park for the day, and of course that was the only 10 minute span when I was NOT recording!
4. Clairaudient experience at Point Lookout Lighthouse.   I was left alone in the lighthouse one evening, while a park employee went to retrieve some adaptors.   I heard what sounded like a party going on in the south side living room.  I attempted to start my tape recorder but within a few seconds, the lighthouse fell silent.   Later that evening, I captured a Grade A EVP in the upstairs North Side Den.   We were going up to the cupola, but heard some type of wild animal up there and decided to forgo climbing the stairs.   A few moments after we walked away, my digital recorder capture "Abandon!".   This is the clearest EVP I have captured to date, and since there were only 2 people in the lighthouse, my confidence level is very high that this is NOT a human voice.
5. Ceiling Fans at Castle Inn, New Orleans.   I brought up my luggage,  and noticed that the ceiling fan was on, so I turned it off and went to retrieve the rest of my luggage.   When I returned the fan was on again, and I turned it off, and made sure that it was off by stopping the blades with my hands.   Later in the evening the fan was again on!
6. Apparition in Vicksburg, MS.    We were on the second floor of an old building, taking a historical tour.   I was at the top of the steps and out of the corner of my eye, I saw a figure, with a top hat and the tails of his coat twirling as he came up the stairs.  I thought nothing of it since there were several re-enactors in period costumes, but when the motion grabbed my attention, I was surprised that the figure had vanished.   We immediately took pictures but no positive results were obtained.   Later that evening, I had an experience in my room with the blinds opening of their own volition, and with the room temperature remaining high despite the air conditioning running full blast and the rest of the house being  cool.

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