Private Residence Pictures, Searsport, ME

This picture was taken as we were testing our equipment before the investigation. This picture and the one to the right were taken in succession.

You can see that the orb has moved further into the dining room.

Again, we were able to track a stationary orb in two consecutive shots. Here, the orb is against the wall, above Candi's head.

In the picture taken just seconds after the one to the left, you can see what looks to be the same orb on the rafter.

Paul took this picture from the other side of the room when I stated that I was tracking an orb moving across the living room.

Hillary took this picture of a moving orb above the wood stove.

This picture shows a stationary orb on the window as well as a nice moving orb in front of the stove pipe.

This picture showing a small orb moving next to Candi in the second bedroom was taken by Paul.